Live lobster should show movement, and the tail should spring back when straightened. It may range in colour from mottled green to blue. Shells should be hard and thick, indicating an ideal meat-to-shell ratio.
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Our main source of lobsters is from Nova Scotia.  This seasonal sea food tastes the best during the harvest month of May & June. Unlike other suppliers, our products are 100% wild and natural with one of the best quality control in the industry.
Bill’s lobster is one of the Ontario designated retailer in the industry to sale Nova Scotia lobsters.  The freshly products are imported via air.  Check out the Nova Scotia Fisheries and Aquaculture  website for more details
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Lobsters may tire between purchase and time of cooking, however, they should be alive prior to cooking. Cooked lobster should have a bright red colour and a fresh aroma. The tail section should be tightly curled and return to this position when straightene.