PEI Mussels are filter feeders and obtain all their food from the natural aquatic environment.  They are healthy, nutritious, and are rich in protein and minerals; low in fat, cholesterol and sodium. When purchasing mussels check any open shells by tapping them. If the shells do not close when tapped, they should be discarded. It is relatively easy to distinguish between wild and cultured mussels. Wild mussels, which are a dull bluish colour with white erosion marks, usually have seaweeds or barnacles attached. In contrast, cultured mussels have shiny bluish-black shells, free of barnacles and seaweeds.
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Our all year round mussels are supplied from Prince Edward Island (PEI). This industry is Canada’s top producer and exporter of rope cultured blue mussels. PEI has earned its reputation for high quality standards based on the diligence and pride of Island growers, processors and industry stakeholders.
Smell  and colour are far the most two important criteria when selecting your fish. Fresh fish should not smell fishy. Bill reveals that farm-raised salmon, commonly found at grocery stores, is fed by varying types of meal that enhance their colour.  Our wild and natural product is 100% satisfaction guaranteed.
Mussels ‘on the rope’