How can you tell if you’ve been served a good oyster when eating raw? You want to see lots of seawater, and the fish should be opaque. If it’s too clear, that means it didn’t get enough food when it was growing. Oyster should look full in the shell and not be too thin or taste too salty.
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Purchase from a supplier who has a good turnover and keeps oysters chilled at all times. Live oysters should have tightly closed, undamaged shells or, if gaping slightly, should close when tapped. Shucked oysters should have good colour, fresh smell and be packaged in clear, not cloudy, oyster liquor. The odour inside should be pleasant.
Long recognized as one of the world's finest oysters, Malpeques from Prince Edward Island have an unequalled taste, superior appearance and excellent keeping quality.  One of our main source of oyster supply comes from Prince Edward Island.  Click here  for more details. 
Oysters are a versatile seafood. In the shell they can be baked, steamed, grilled or used in speciality dishes such as Oysters Pommary or Florentine. Shucked oysters are excellent deep-fried, sauteed, grilled, in chowder soups, stews, pies, casseroles, stuffing, dressing, or as an appetizer or main course.