Wild Gulf Shrimps are all naturally exist.  They can be distinguished into white shrimp, brown and pink shrimp. These shrimp are all warm water species recognized for their sweet taste, firm texture and crunchy meat
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Jumbo tiger shrimp from Thailand has a black and grey strips on their shells in the raw state.  When cooked, the shell will turn bright red and the meat will be white with a red skin tone. The moisture content in them is high so they will shrink more when over- cooked.
Tiger Shrimps
Bill’s life spot shrimps from Vancouver, are large shrimps that are fished along the BC coastline. It considered sweeter and tastier than regular shrimps and are easily identifiable by the two little white dots on their bodies.  They are special because they are only available in  May!
Spot Shrimps
The flavour and texture of shrimp are influenced by the waters they come from or are raised in, plus from what they eat or are fed. Wild shrimp feed on seaweed and crustaceans which gives them a more enriched flavour and thicker shells. The ability to swim freely also makes the meat firmer.