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Testimonials (just to name a few.......) Great quality fish. Great prices. Great hours. Friendly owners.   'Nuff said.  (Year 2012) I have been checking out some of your stories and it's pretty nice stuff. I will surely  bookmark your website.  (Year 2012) Simply great.  The place itself is easily missed with all the chaos of busy Gerrard, but it's  seriously worth seeking it out.  The shop itself is no-frills though clean.  There isn't a huge  selection, but what there is, is GOOD!  And cheap!  I've purchased sashimi grade salmon  there for half the price that I paid at the St. Lawrence Market, and it was by far better from  Bill's.  No hidden bones in the fish from Bill's!  (Year 2011) Nova Scotia priced lobsters in Toronto.  I can't wait to go back and grab some clams,  scallops and/or other fresh seafood, the place is kept cleaner than the Kensington shops  and is cheaper. I went in thinking I'd grab mussels but they were low, and I got two large  lobsters for under $30. (year 2011) Have tried most of the fish places in Toronto before deciding to go with Bill's. I have been a  customer for around 10 years, even before they moved to their current location. I have  found the selection and quality to be of very high standard. Bill and Judy have worked hard  to ensure customer satisfaction and have kept me aware of incoming specials and unique  items not generally made available to non-regulars.  As far as lobsters being reserved, yes  lobsters, crabs, and certain other items may not be available to walk-in customers.  However, this is not any different when going to speciality butchers, bakers or other  purveyors. Keep-in mind holidays and special occasions and call in advance. I can only  shake my head at customers that walk into a shop during the holidays and act surprised  when things are not made available when shelves seem to be full of the items they are  looking for. Order in advance and things will be ready for you when you get there.  I have  recommended Bill's Lobster to my family and friends for quality seafood and will continue to  do so. If I find the quality suffers, I will make Bill and Judy aware of this and give them an  opportunity to make things right. They have treated me fairly in the past and I expect they  will continue to do so going forward. (Year 2010) Bought lobster at T&T once and the claw meat inside the claws was all shrunken and  deformed. Tried to take them back (same day) and they refused. I would never buy lobster  anywhere other than Bill's. He doesn't scam. If you want lobster for New Years you MUST  call ahead and reserve a few days ahead, otherwise you will be told the same thing. All the  lobsters in the tank are spoken for.   (Year 2010) I've loved fish all my life and Bills is simply the best. He and his family (who are all super  nice) can answer any question you have and will direct you to better (though not  necessarily more expensive) options depending on availability and your planned recipe.  They also offer a variety of cooking tips and tricks which is always nice! With all of the  concerns over fishing and mislabeling it's nice to go to a top notch fish monger you can  trust isn't just trying to clear out the back fridge.  (Year 2010) BILL'S LOBSTER IS MY FAVOURITE.  The fish is without question TOP QUALITY.  Never ever had anything but the best from him.  Everything I have ever bought here has been a  treat.  (Year 2009)
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